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Grater Goods


Wrapped Bries


Just Heat and Serve

Your choice of sweet or savory.

Fig Preserves and Walnuts 

 Christmas Jam and Pecans or Mushroom & Thyme.

Small - 8 oz - Feeds up to 6 - $14

Large - 16 oz - Feeds up to 12 - $25

Holiday Cheese Balls


Each Ball feeds up to 12 guests.

Disco Ball with Goat cheese, cream cheese, blue cheese, dates and scallions. Rolled in butter roasted pecans.

Mistletoe Ball  Goat or cream cheese with sharp cheddar, pecans and rosemary.  Rolled in dried cranberries. 

Don't forget a Cheese & Charcuterie Board


We will be glad to help you out with a variety of boards.  Click here for our Cheese and Charcuterie Menu. 

Deadlines for Orders


Thanksgiving Orders -  5 pm Friday November 17. 

Christmas Orders - 5 pm Wednesday December 19th. 

New Years Eve  5 pm Thursday December 27th. 

For larger catering needs, please call the shop 907-516-7898.

Outside of the specific holidays,  all board must be ordered at least 72 yours in advance